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The Role of Surveying in Urban Planning and Development

The Role of Surveying in Urban Planning and Development

Surveying is one of the major backbones of planning and development. The role of surveying is important in urban planning, from concept to maintenance. Detailed information adds to the operation and development of a city and influences zoning, infrastructure planning, and sustainable development in urban areas. The Role of Surveying in Urban Planning and Development… Read more »

Do I Need a Land Survey to Put Up a Fence?

Land survey for commercial fence

Are you wondering if you need a land survey before you put up a fence on your property? The answer is yes! Land surveying is an essential part of construction. It applies even when you construct something small on your personal property. Here’s why land surveying is important, and what can happen if you skip… Read more »

Why Underground Utility Locating is Crucial for Safe Digging

Underground Utilities Locating

Underground utility mapping is the process of locating and mapping utilities before undertaking construction projects. Failure to implement safe digging practices can lead to hitting utilities, causing service disruptions, and derailing project completion deadlines. It’s vital for safety and keeping construction tasks on track. Why Underground Utility Locating is Crucial for Safe Digging Underground Utility… Read more »

Why Do I Need a Land Surveyor in Omaha? Can’t I Just Measure Myself?

Why do I need a land surveyor in Omaha? Can’t I just measure myself?

A land surveyor is an accredited professional conducting a survey measuring and defining property boundaries. These services are essential in planning construction and engineering projects, land evaluations, and real estate sales. You may be wondering why you need a professional land surveyor in Omaha and why you can’t just measure yourself. In this guide, we… Read more »

Life Lessons from a Motivational Land Surveyor

motivational land surveyor

Every project a land surveyor undertakes begins with a vision, whether it’s building a structure or establishing property boundaries. We’re on the forefront of measuring progress, gaining valuable insights into what’s working and what’s possible. As a result, we’ve gained life experience to inspire motivational quotes that apply outside the profession. Life Lessons from a… Read more »

Pre-Construction: Site Planning and Boundary Identification

Pre-Construction: Site Planning and Boundary Identification

Pre-construction is an important phase that you can’t overlook. It all begins before the first foundation has been poured or brick has been laid on the building site. Planning and boundary identification is part of what gets done before the building begins. It’s not a corner that any professional company wants to cut or compromise… Read more »

Using Data to Drive Decisions in New Construction Projects

Using Data to Drive Decisions in New Construction Projects

Technology has impacted every aspect of our modern world – including construction. In the 21st century, the role of data has come to play a critical role in the construction industry. Gone are the days of depending only on intuition and experience to make decisions concerning new construction projects. Using Data to Drive Decisions in… Read more »

How Is GIS Data Used In Land Surveying?

GIS Data and Land Surveying Map

Land surveying and geographic information systems (GIS) are two data systems used in the surveying industry. Many industry participants argue one offers more benefits than the other. Still, the reality is these topographical survey methods are complementary technologies, and both have a specific purpose that enhances industry applications. One of the critical aspects of land… Read more »

From Pixels to Points: The Common Ground of Geospatial Mapping and Video Games

geospatial mapping

There are some households who will still be able to remember when their parents might have considered video games something of a waste of time, though everyone’s parents might have used different wording. Today, we live in a future where video games and online tournaments bring in more money than manufacturing – and who’s laughing… Read more »

How Land Surveying Can Ensure a Wise Investment

Land Surveying Investment

Are you searching for the perfect investment property or your first home? It’s crucial to understand how a land survey secures your investment. There are many moving parts to closing on a real estate deal. The appraisals, title reports, credit reports and tax determination, home inspections and flood determination, and land surveys are all equally… Read more »