Do I Need a Land Survey to Put Up a Fence?

Are you wondering if you need a land survey before you put up a fence on your property? The answer is yes! Land surveying is an essential part of construction. It applies even when you construct something small on your personal property. Here’s why land surveying is important, and what can happen if you skip it for your home or commercial fencing job.

Before Building A Fence Do I Need A Land Survey?

The legal answer is yes, and getting a land survey done before installing a fence can save you from serious issues later on.

Why Do I Need A Land Survey Before Installing A Fence?

Land surveying before installing a fence is a legal requirement in most parts of the United States. A boundary survey ensures that you are not on your neighbor’s property and that you are where the fence border should be. A small fence can create a big dispute when it’s done without the proper clearance.

What Happens Without A Surveyor?

If you construct a fence without consulting a licensed land surveyor, you may be violating the law in your region. Speak with a licensed land surveyor and do your research before building a fence. Failure to do so could result in legal consequences.

When constructing a fence on your property, make sure to follow the proper procedures and regulations. Most states have laws about this, and in most cases, an inspector must sign off before construction starts.

Your fence could be torn down due to property boundary issues. Legally, nobody has to tell you about it if it was technically illegal to begin with. Fences without the proper paperwork have also led to long, often complicated, and expensive lawsuits. It’s a battle of whose fence belongs where, and you don’t want to be on the wrong side of the argument. Therefore, make sure you’re legally covered before building.

Who Can Do A Land Survey?

A land survey is a job for a professional land surveyor and requires special training and registration. When hiring a land surveyor, ensure they can provide you with the right legal documents. After all, there has to be proof that you followed the correct protocol, and that’s all in the paper trail.

Check the internet for recommendations and read reviews for the best land surveyors near you.

Do Land Surveyors Need To Be Registered?

Yes, choosing registered land surveyor companies means that you have legal recourse.

Your land surveyor must be registered with your state. This takes a simple call or website check, usually done via your state office, however, it is still a good idea to ask your land surveyor for their documents before the job begins.

How Can I Find The Right Land Surveyor?

The best way to find the right land surveyor is to ask for recommendations or read reviews online.  Ask for their qualifications and registration paperwork. Then, you can be sure you’re choosing the best land surveyor in your area for the job.

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