How Do Land Surveyors and Civil Engineers Work Together?

Big construction projects have to be properly executed, and the only way they can be properly executed is by ensuring the appropriate professionals are on the job. Two key players that are involved in the vast majority of construction projects include land surveyors and civil engineers.

How Do Land Surveyors and Civil Engineers Work Together?

For laymen, telling the difference between a land surveyor and a civil engineer can be hard. In fact, you may be completely unfamiliar with these professionals, including what their respective jobs entail, and how they work together. In short, land surveyors and civil engineers are professionals who play key roles in the construction industry. They have distinct duties, but their jobs are often reliant on one another in order to ensure that construction projects are executed properly.

What do professional land surveyors and civil engineers do? How do these two professionals work together? Let’s explore

An Overview

In order to understand why these two professionals work together on most construction projects, you first need to understand their respective positions.

Land Surveyors

Land surveyors are responsible for gathering data about a piece of property that a construction project will be built on. The kind of data surveyors collect varies and really depends on the information the project requires.

With that said, some of the key points of data that land surveyors collect include property lines, the physical characteristics of a plot of land, and proper access points. Additionally, land surveyor professionals can project how particular parts of a piece of property will change over time so that those changes can be taken into consideration when building plans are created.

Civil Engineers

Civil engineers are responsible for taking the data that land surveyors provide and acting on that data. In other words, these professionals use the information that land surveyors gather to develop the plans for a construction project. Civil engineers create the designs of a project, ensuring that the design is appropriate for the property. Furthermore, civil engineers are responsible for developing a site that will be safe for construction.

How Land Surveyors and Civil Engineers Work Together

It’s important to clarify how these two professionals come together to ensure that construction projects are completed properly and safely.

Developing Building Plans

As previously stated, civil engineers use the information that land surveyors gather to develop building plans. This information is vital and if they don’t have it, engineers will not be able to develop plans that will work for the property where a project will be constructed.

Monitoring Construction Projects

Following the design phase, a land surveyor and civil engineers will work together to monitor the project. The surveyor will perform as-built surveys on a regular basis to keep track of a project’s progress. They’ll then give the results of the as-built surveys to the civil engineers, who will further evaluate the project.

The engineers will check the original construction plans to make sure that the project is moving forward as it was designed to. Should any issues occur, engineers will make and implement any necessary modifications.

Sharing Assessments and Findings

The above-mentioned process will continue throughout the duration of the construction project, until its completion. Throughout the entire span of the project, the land surveyor and civil engineer will often share their assessments and findings, as well as any suggestions for improvement that they may have.

Land surveyors create and share design ideas (the primary role of civil engineers) and civil engineers can gather information about key parts of the property that the construction project is being built on (the primary role of land surveyors).

Both civil engineers and land surveyors must collaborate with one another on a constant basis throughout the entire duration of a construction project. If they fail to do so, the project will suffer, and its safety and success will be compromised.

Land Surveyor and Civil Engineer: Working Together

From commercial spaces and bridges to airports and more; land surveyors and civil engineers – and the partnership between these professionals – play a key role in the success of all kinds of construction projects, both large and small.

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