At Precision Surveying and Consulting, we understand that the decisions you’re able to make are only as good as the data you’re able to access. Through our drone imaging and 3D scanning services in Omaha, we’re transforming the planning, engineering, and construction phases, through data, visualization, and business intelligence.

3D Laser Scanning Service

What Sets Us Apart?

At Precision Surveying & Consulting we use 3D laser scanner technology to capture accurate data and create detailed 3D models of various objects, including buildings, construction sites, and landscapes. 3D laser scanners capture fine details and produce high-resolution images, allowing our team to reverse engineer and create CAD models of structures or equipment.

Drone pilots utilize flight paths to scan objects and collect data, enabling us to produce 3D maps of terrain and structures with higher quality than traditional survey methods.

3D scanning technology provides our clients with precise and accurate 3D data, which can be used for various applications, including architecture, engineering, and construction projects.

3D Technology + the expertise to use it.

From your reputation, to your bottom line, 3D scanning and drone imaging solutions from Precision Surveying and Consulting provides the data you need to design, manage and complete your projects on time and on budget. Our workflow and experience ensure that you receive the most accurate deliverables, based on your needs.

Scan to Succeed Webinar

Scan to Succeed

Today’s integrated projects require greater command of the as-built process. This webinar highlights the value that 3D LiDar scanning provides in the modern work site. Topics covered include a basic field demonstration, deliverables, and real-world usage of scan data deliverables.

Services for any size, scope and degree of detail.

Our 3D laser scanning, 3D modeling, facility mapping, drone imaging and other technologies continue to bring advantages that simply are not possible with traditional tools. Precision Surveying and Consulting provides a diverse range of services that improve your own capabilities.

We know your industry.

With fully operational facilities, Precision Surveying and Consulting takes the guesswork out of the equation when reliable information is not present. We’re well-versed in the differences that make each industry unique, and we understand that the best outcomes are the result of working closely with our clients to ensure we deliver precisely what you need.

See our work.

At Precision Surveying and Consulting, we’re fortunate to work with a diverse range of clients who continue to allow us to play a vital role in the innovative work they do. Feel free to contact us to learn more or find ways we’re able to apply these experiences to your projects.

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