3D Scanning


Knowing your industry makes a difference.

Every industry has its own set of regulations, requirements and issues. Also every project has its own particular tolerances and specifications. With Precision Surveying and Consulting, our wide range of experience in various industries makes us an ideal partner.

Deliverables according to your specifications

We work with clients to custom-fit deliverables according to the specifications required. We understand that timelines are critical and that accuracy and reliability are crucial. Our expertise in 3D laser scanning, modeling and drone imaging enables us to capture the data you need to create a virtual map of the structure or facility, along with detailed measurements that are critical to your own deliverables.

Industries include:

Infrastructure, Roadways, Bridges and Dams

Energy, Power, Petroleum and Utilities

Hospitals, Buildings and Facilities Upgrades


Upgrades, Additions and Adaptive Reuse

Chemical and Industrial

Collision Avoidance and Clash Detection

Historic Preservation

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