3D Scanning Services

3D technology from the air and on the ground.

See to a degree of accuracy that just isn’t possible without Precision Surveying and Consulting’s full spectrum 3D laser scanning, modeling, mapping and drone imaging service in Omaha, NE, and surrounding areas. Our survey workflow approach prioritizes the accuracy and reliability of data, while our client-focused philosophy ensures we understand the specific requirements of the engagement. The information is delivered in a timely fashion – and the data provided is a true reflection of the actual conditions of the project.


Data files in multiple formats.

Because needs are different from client to client and project to project, Precision Surveying and Consulting is able to deliver data files in multiple formats – depending on your comfort level – including 3D point cloud files, Revit, CAD, mesh or 3D and 2D models.

Services include:

3D Scanning

Facilities Mapping

Asset Management

3D Modeling

Aerial Photogrammetry

Aerial LiDAR Scanning

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