3D Scanning

What We Do

We understand how what we do impacts your project.

At Precision Surveying and Consulting, we understand that the decisions you’re able to make are only as good as the data you’re able to access. Through our 3D scanning and drone imaging solutions, we’re transforming the planning, engineering and construction phases, through data, visualization and business intelligence.

Methodical workflow. Accurate data.

Our field professionals are highly trained, experienced, and work extensively with the latest 3D scanning equipment to provide you with the deliverables your project requires. Our surveying background ensures a workflow that is methodical and reliable, with an attention to detail that prioritizes quality of data. By providing the most accurate data, we feel confident about putting our name on the results.


Results for the real world.

Ultimately, it’s about what you can do with the results we provide. That’s why Precision Surveying and Consulting works closely with clients to customize workflows and consider other constraints such as safety, space and time. So the 3D scanning, modeling, mapping, imaging and documentation we do is exactly what you need in the real world.

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