Ground Penetrating Radar

Utility Locating/Mapping

Underground utility mapping takes advantage of GPR Technology by increasing the precision when combined with traditional locating methods. GPR provides assistance for discovering unmarked utilities and structures, subsurface mapping, and excavating projects.

GPR Truck


GPR is a cost-effective and non-invasive way of surveying. It provides invaluable information before workers even break ground or start excavating.

  • Self-contained, quiet operation.
  • It detects metal and non-metal objects, as well as voids and underground irregularities.
  • No Health hazards
  • Instant Results
  • Provides depth Estimates
  • Provides a permanent record
  • It makes it possible to measure the dimensions, depth, and thickness of targets.
  • Data is provided quickly and can cover a large site area.
  • Only one side of the surface needs to be scanned to provide data.
  • Frequencies can be regulated to deliver a range of resolution and penetration depths.
  • Data collected during the survey can be seen immediately or used in later projects.
  • No digging, excavating, or ground disturbance is necessary.
  • It’s less expensive than other methods.


Communication on a job site is the key for success. Our team strives for a goal of 110% subsurface damage prevention, while creating CAD drawings and PDF reports that document project results, and provides a permanent documentation of our findings. These drawings allow contractors and owners alike to update as-built drawings for preplanning, core drilling or cutting, or to document site change history


Precision Surveying and Consulting provides constant communication throughout every project. With GPR Utility Locating applications, it begins with our field markings. These are marked by environmentally friendly water-based paints, or other methods as directed by the client. These markings provide clear, accurate visualizations of utilities, conduits, voids, or any linear features, while being understandable for anyone who may view them.

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