Land Survey

Topographic Surveys

Topographic surveys are conducted to read about the geographical condition of a land. The data about the land will be used for identifying the map and also the contour of the land. During the planning phase of any developmental or construction projects, this survey will be conducted. The maps and contours created during this survey will be used as the base map for the project irrespective of the fact where the project is a residential building, commercial structure, bridge, road or any other developmental structure.



The topographic survey will be conducted above and below the ground level. The area and materials that are examined include the trees, soil density, walkways, utility poles, manholes found in the land, wells, walls, and more. Every single aspect found on the land will contribute to the outcome of the topography survey of a land.

The work involved in topographic surveys usually consists of the following steps:

  • Establishing horizontal & vertical control that will serve as the framework of the survey.
  • Determining enough horizontal location and elevation of ground points to provide enough data for plotting when the map is prepared.
  • Locating natural and man-made features that may be required by the purpose of the survey, Computing distances, angles, volumes and elevations of earthwork.
  • Drawing the topographic maps.
Topographic Survey Results


In this survey, various details about the land will be collected in order to determine its strength, life and value. Accurate measurements about the length, breadth, dimensions of the land, its height, elevation, curves and more will be calculated. Every single aspect surveyed contributes to the contouring of the land and also for its map. This outcome and results are useful in determining the configuration of the natural and cultural features of the land.

The following are the applications of topographic surveys:

  • The survey results are used by a variety of professionals like engineers, foresters, geologists, architects, promoters and more
  • Apart from individuals associated with the land even government agencies and institutions make use of the topographic surveys
  • The topographic maps contribute to the actual geographical map of the land.

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