Who Needs a Land Survey?

Who Needs a Land Survey?

Land surveys are vital tools for property owners. They clearly indicate property lines, as well as the locations of the features a piece of property offers. In fact, without land surveys, determining where one piece of land ends and another one begins would be all but impossible. Land disputes may not lead to the same type of serious conflict that they once did, knowing who owns what still remains important. Who needs a land survey? To find the answers to these questions and more, keep on reading.

Who Needs a Land Survey?

Boundary surveys are necessary for locating things during property development, from planning and design to construction projects and as-built phases. As a result, that includes builders, property buyers, land developers, and more!

What Is A Land Survey?

In the simplest terms, a land survey precisely indicates the boundaries of a piece of property. The type of survey depends on the type of project you intend to do. There are different types of land surveys, including:

  • Topographic surveys
  • Subdivision surveys
  • Construction surveys
  • Boundary surveys

A land survey also indicates the following; the dimensions, location of any buildings, features, and other types of site improvements on a parcel of land.

There are a variety of ways that a piece of land can be surveyed. The methods used depend on the type, size, and shape of the parcel, as well as the legal description of the land.

When Is A Land Survey Needed?

There are several situations that would warrant the need for a land survey. In fact, if you own a piece of land or intend to purchase one, there’s no doubt that you need one.

That said, some of the most common instances in which land surveys are needed and/or are required include the following:

Purchasing a parcel of land

Before buying land, building real estate, or developing for commercial reasons, it is crucial to obtain a land survey. This survey will provide important information about the property.

A property survey will help identify any potential issues or boundaries. This information is essential for making informed decisions about the purchase or development of the land.

The survey will let you know where your property lines lie and will verify the size and boundaries of the property. Your title company may require one to ensure the home only occupies the space indicated on the title.

Selling a piece of property

If you are the owner of a piece of land and selling it, hire a land surveyor to check out your property.

Having a professional surveyor assess and survey the property before selling it gives buyers more confidence.

Land division

Perhaps you own a large plot of land and you intend on splitting it into two or more lots or parcels. In this situation, a land survey would certainly be worthwhile. The survey will ensure that the subdivision of the land is done so in accordance with all local regulations and zoning laws.

Building or improvements

If you plan to build on your land or make improvements, get a land survey first.

In fact, in a lot of locations, county and/or city laws require a land survey before any building or improvements can be made.

Examples might include:

  • Construction of a detached garage
  • A barn
  • A pool
  • An extension to your house

Conflict resolution

If you and your neighbors are in conflict regarding where property lines end and begin, a land survey would come in useful. The information this document provides will clearly and definitively put any conflicts to rest.

A Land survey’s cost can be less than the hassle of fighting over a property line.

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