Why Do I Need a Land Surveyor in Omaha? Can’t I Just Measure Myself?

A land surveyor is an accredited professional conducting a survey measuring and defining property boundaries. These services are essential in planning construction and engineering projects, land evaluations, and real estate sales. You may be wondering why you need a professional land surveyor in Omaha and why you can’t just measure yourself. In this guide, we explore all of the reasons why hiring a professional land surveyor is a must.

Why Do I Need a Land Surveyor in Omaha? Can’t I Just Measure Myself?

Land surveyors utilize professional land surveying equipment when measuring distances between points. This technology allows for accurate and precise measurement of boundary lines for rivers, roads, and property lines to avoid issues with encroachment and potential violations.

Why Do I Need a Land Surveyor in Omaha? Can’t I Do It Myself?

If you’re developing land or buying or selling real estate in Omaha, you’ll need to employ the services of a professional land surveyor. They’ll ensure you get accurate measurements for property boundaries, with no room for error.
It’s vital to understand that only accredited land surveyors are qualified to make official determinations of these boundaries. For instance, the previous owner or the neighbor may be incorrect in their assumption of where the property boundaries lie. Natural features won’t accurately delineate the property borders, resulting in huge problems down the line.
If commercial construction projects encroach on the neighbor’s property, resolving the situation may take a lengthy and expensive legal battle. Proper determination of the building location and adherence to local ordinances and codes is essential to avoid project setbacks.
Overlooking boundary lines may also result in expensive mistakes with landscaping the property. Don’t assume that a tree line or fence is an accurate marker for boundary lines; it could result in a costly mistake.
Including the neighbor’s landscaping or fence within the property, boundaries have the same legal ramifications as building a structure on their land. Suppose the neighbor realizes the extent of the encroachment. In that case, they may legally request you to remove a structure from their property. This creates a costly expense to your project that wasn’t expected.

How are Surveyors Licensed in Omaha? Why Is Licensing Important?

A land surveyor must pass a written exam administered by the Nebraska State Board of Examiners for Land Surveyors to receive their certification. Additionally, the surveyor must log at least 6 years of practice, satisfactory to the Board, and proof of educational and professional qualifications, 5 of such 6 years must be in land surveying as defined in Section 81-8,109, R.R.S. and 3 of such 5 years must be in a responsible position as a subordinate to a licensed land surveyor. Responsible position shall mean a position that requires initiative skill and independent judgment.

All land surveyor candidates complete the following four steps to receive licensure and certification.

  1. The prospective surveyor must complete the Fundamentals of Surveying exam and earn a passing grade. The National Council of Examiners for Engineering and Surveying administers the exam which features 110 questions.
  2. The surveyor must work for a licensed surveying company for at least four years.
  3. They must earn a passing grade for the Principles and Practice of Surveying exam. This test consists of 100 questions.
  4. They must take and pass the Nebraska state exam.
  5. The land surveyor is only licensed to practice in Nebraska. However, can operate in all counties, including Omaha. They must adhere to the technical and educational training requirements laid out by Nebraskan authorities.

By adhering to these requirements, the land surveyor ensures they meet minimum standards to maintain the public’s safety, health, and welfare. The surveyor is obliged to do no harm during their land survey.

For instance, the surveyor may not alter property lines to meet their client’s needs. They must always act impartially and objectively.

Hire a Professional Land Surveyor in Omaha

Do not try to complete a land survey on your Omaha property using a DIY approach. The risk of inaccurate surveys and property encroachment will cost more in legal fees and construction costs than the cost of hiring a professional licensed land surveyor to do the job.

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